Get Ready for the Best Shenandoah Valley Fall Foliage

It’s only August, and there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy here at our Shenandoah Valley Cabins. However, fall will be here before you know it, and now is the best time to plan ahead to see the best Shenandoah Valley fall foliage! From hiking the peaks in Shenandoah National Park to driving through the jaw-dropping scenery on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Shenandoah Valley is arguably the best place to enjoy fall in Virginia. 

Of course, you don’t have to go far to enjoy colorful fall views. We have some of the best Shenandoah Valley fall foliage right here at our luxury Shenandoah Valley cabins, too! Our cabins are situated on 50 picturesque acres alongside our Bed and Breakfast in Virginia. We offer couples a quiet, peaceful escape in our private cabins, each equipped with all the modern conveniences you crave. 

Our Shenandoah Valley Cabins are located in the heart of the valley, near Staunton and Lexington, and close to all the top attractions in the area. You can enjoy as much or as little of it as you want. Fall is a popular time of year to visit the valley, though, so if you want to see the breathtaking beauty of Shenandoah Valley fall foliage firsthand, now is the time to plan! Book your cabin today! 

Gorgeous Shenandoah Valley Fall Foliage seen from Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park

Where to See Shenandoah Valley Fall Foliage

There’s no shortage of fantastic Shenandoah Valley fall foliage. You’ll be rewarded with sensational fall colors just about everywhere you turn – including right here on the grounds of our private Shenandoah Valley cabins. You can take plenty of scenic drives, not to mention walks through town and local parks. 

As beautiful as it is here, though, nothing beats taking to Shenandoah National Park or the famed Blue Ridge Parkway for their magnificent displays of fall foliage. The peak season for Shenandoah Valley fall foliage typically starts in early October and continues throughout the month. Some years, fall foliage is visible from mid-September and even into November, offering visitors a longer leaf-peeping season than many other (colder) fall foliage destinations.

Below, we’ve highlighted our favorite features of these prized fall destinations so you can get out and enjoy the best of Shenandoah Valley fall foliage this year! 

Shenandoah National Park

Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park is about an hour north of our Shenandoah Valley cabins and is arguably one of the best places to enjoy Shenandoah Valley fall foliage. It’s easily one of the most scenic National Parks in the country, especially in fall. If you’re short on time and can only do one thing in Shenandoah National Park this fall, drive Skyline Drive. 

A scenic drive along Skyline Drive is a quintessential fall activity in the Shenandoah Valley – and easily one of the best ways to see the park’s mesmerizing fall foliage. Skyline Drive offers visitors 105 breathtaking miles through the heart of Shenandoah National Park. You can expect the entire drive to take at least three hours, depending on traffic and how many times you stop. There are, of course, many pullouts – 75 of them, to be exact! – along the way so you can stop and admire the Shenandoah Valley fall foliage. Of course, there are plenty of 

Though the drive is gorgeous, there’s so much more to Shenandoah National Park than this one simple roadway. We also recommend getting out of the car and taking at least one of the hikes in the park. You can find a list of some of our favorites here – but we highly recommend, at the very least, you get out and hike the Stony Man Trail. It’s one of the most popular hikes in the park for a reason! 

Blue Ridge Parkway

Once you’ve seen the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley fall foliage in the park, it’s time to head south to the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway fall colors. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the country’s most famous and desirable fall drives. Like Skyline Drive, if you do nothing but drive the 400+ miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll enjoy some of the most scenic fall views in the state. However, there are so many more things to do than simply drive – and we’ve shared a few of our favorites with you below. 

  1. Take a hike at the Peaks of Otter area. Take in the view of Sharp Top Mountain from the lodge at Peaks of Otter, or hike to the top of Sharp Top Mountain, where you’ll enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  2. Take a walk on the Johnson Farm Trail, a historic farm from the 1880s. It’s been restored to its 1930s condition and includes a period farmhouse open to the public, antique farm equipment, a barn, and a garden.
  3. Visit Crabtree Falls. It’s one of our favorite Blue Ridge Parkway waterfalls and is a great place to enjoy a fall picnic!
  4. Take a hike at the Humpback Gap Overlook and hike the Humpback Rocks Trail, a 7.8-mile roundtrip hike that offers an exceptional view of Shenandoah Valley fall foliage up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  5. Head to Apple Orchard Mountain Overlook at Milepost 76.5, which at 3,950 feet, is the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.
Beautiful Shenandoah Valley Fall foliage, enjoyed from the adirondack chairs at our Shenandoah Valley Cabins in Virginia

The Best Shenandoah Valley Cabins for Fall Getaways

Shenandoah Valley fall foliage is truly spectacular, and we’d love to share it with you this fall. Whether you have only a day or two to soak up the area’s scenic beauty or an entire week to explore this remarkable valley, our Shenandoah Valley cabins are the perfect home away from home. 

Though we also offer a traditional Bed and Breakfast experience at Steeles Tavern Manor, our luxury Shenandoah Valley cabins are the perfect choice for couples seeking a quiet, restful, and romantic getaway in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. We offer five romantic cabins on our 50-acre property, each of which is secluded and offers a private guest experience. Each cabin has king-sized beds, a private outdoor hot tub, a large bathroom, a living room with a fireplace, full kitchens, gas grills, decks overlooking the colorful Shenandoah Valley fall foliage, and more. 

Guests staying in our cabins are also welcome to use our property amenities, which include a seasonal pool and fire pit. We don’t offer daily breakfast service for cabin guests, but we do offer packages that include both a breakfast and dinner option. Fall will be here before you know it, so don’t wait. Book your fall getaway at our luxurious Shenandoah Valley cabins today! 

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